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Анна Домини исследует искусство как исцеляющую синтетическую силу,

оказывающую многогранное влияние на сознание человека.

В качестве одного из основных инструментов Анна использует цвет и изучает его трансформационный потенциал. Такой подход основан на методе, принятом художниками символистами еще в начале 20-го века, согласно которому искусство может оказывать глубокое медитативное воздействие на разум и благодаря своей связи с мистическим побуждать людей к самопознанию.

Анна занималась постановкой и костюмами в кино, создала несколько фэшн фильмов с дизайнерами и читала лекции в Британской школе дизайна. С 2017 года начала делать проекты в мультидисциплинарном направлении.

В 2018 году Анна провела свою первую паблик-арт выставку в Англиканской церкви 

в Москве с серией «Порталы».

В 2019 году Анна закончила свой первый графический роман «Санаторий», который был напечатан при поддержке организации Ground Zine Fest в качестве зина и представлен в галерее Ground Solyanka в рамках проекта, состоящего из картин, тканей и перформанса.

При содействии издательства Зангавар «Санаторий» был напечатан в декабре 2021 года как авторский комикс.

Художница живет и работает в Санкт-Петербурге, Россия.

Anna Dominy explores the possibilities of art as a healing synthetic force that has a multifaceted influence on the human consciousness. 

As one of the main tools in her art, Anna uses color and studies its transformational potential for the human psyche. This builds on the approach taken by Symbolist artists back in the early 20th century that art can have a deep meditative effect on the mind, and through its connection to the unknown, encourage people to engage

in self-discovery.

Anna did production design and costumes in cinema, created several fashion films with designers and lectured at the British School of Design. Since 2017 she has started her independent way as an artist working in a multidisciplinary direction.

In 2018 Anna held her first public art exhibition in a church of St.Andrews in Moscow with the series 'Portals'.

In 2019 Anna finished her first graphic novel "Sanatorium" that was printed with the support of Ground Zine Fest organization az a collectible zine, and presented in Ground Solyanka gallery as part of the big project consisting of paintings,

printed fabrics and performance. 

With the help of Zangavar publishing house, Sanatorium was printed in December 2021 as an author's comic book.

Artist now lives and works in St.Petersburg, Russia.



Glittering Reality


Crystal Tarot 


Video for Celebrine


Perfume 'Nebula'

Virtual paper doll

Portals in Palaty

Sanatorium soundtrack

What do you believe?

Cone of Shame

Videoart in three parts on the nature of light

in collaboration with photographer Inkova Mary. 


Tarot cards (22 major triumphs) made from iridescent stained-glass in the artist's interpretation.


Sanatorium graphic novel is published with the support of Zangavar publishing house (Moscow) as a perfumed book with the Pantone blue cover. 20 selective perfume bottles were made specially for the project in collaboration with @wood_moss perfumery. Soundtrack for the new edition was rewritten by Celebrine and Lunarescapesystem.

Will be available for order in December 2021.

10 folders with selective author's graphic from Sanatorium novel were made especially for the gallery L.E. Store SaintP., stylised as soviet medicine cards.

Clip for the song by Katya Celebrine, shot in coproduction with Inkova Mary, based on the Sanatorium aesthetics and produced by Vlad Interesniy.

Limited edition perfume in the antique medicine bottles, with the support of @wood_moss perfumery

Collaboration on 4 virtual looks for the heroine of the Sanatorium was made with designer Regina Turbina @replicant using drawings from the book. Will be printed with the new edition in December 2021 as a paper doll game.

'Portals' are shown in newly open concept-store Palaty in St.Petersburg and in the pop-up exhibition in the restaurant and creative space Moyka 3.

Original soundtrack was written by Lunarescapesystem duo: Lena Palui and Genrietta Ge, using their own music pieces and mixing them together with Celebrine cover versions of soviet songs recorded specially for Sanatorium project.

Documentary photo research on traditional multicultural churches in the New York, and the gradual loss of the authority of the religion. The project was supported by the Moscow musical space Mutabor and realized as the banners advertising faith or the lack of it, for the July summer festival.

Art objects based on pet cones in collaboration with Black.form association. Cones were presented in a dance performance in Dom Kultur space, Moscow.


Sanatorium zine
and Ground Solyanka


Sanatorium graphic novel printed as zine with the support of Ground Zine Fest. The project is exhibited in Ground Solyanka gallery with Katya Celebrine singing performance


Portals at St.Andrews
Anglican Church, 

Site-specific exhibition of 11 semi-transparent fabric Portals, made for St. Andrews Anglican Church space in Moscow.


Other dimensions 
at L'appartment space, Moscow

Prints from Other Dimensions series were exhibited

at L'apparment concept store in Moscow on Kuznetsky Most


Blue Beard
fashion film 

Collaboration with director Katya Telegina. A series of illustrations on linen that became backgrounds for her fashion film, a modern inerpretation of the European fairytale, and later transformed to the independent art pieces 'Other dimensions'


Signs fashion film

Short fashion film on the non-linearity of time, a tribute to the Flemish art shot for the Rijksmuseum, with photographer Anastasia Borbot, designer brand Braventru, 

starring Polina Grishina.


Somnia fashion film

Fashion film and collaboration with designer Lesia Paramonova, with the support of Moscow Botanical Garden, shown in the Pioneer cinema in the Gorky park.


Sanatorium book


Sanatorium graphic 


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Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Санкт-Петербург, Россия.

по наличию доступных произведений уточнять у галереи L.E.Store Saint P.

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